What’s Next After BPC

What’s Next After BPC

What's Next After Intermediate BPC

The students who have taken BPC, there main goal will be to become a doctor.

Becoming a doctor is the dream of every student.

The entrance test for Medical is basically NEET and EAMCET.

Now a days the competition in NEET has been increased too much. After qualifying and getting rank and after the selection in Medical college, The medical course is normally of 5 years.

Following are the different medical courses

  1. MBBS-Allopathic
  2. BUMS-Unani
  3. BHMS-Homeopathy
  4. BAMS-Ayurveda
  5. BNYS-Naturopathy
  6. Ag. BSC-Agricultural
  7. BDS-Dental
  8. BVSC-Veterinary
  9. BPT-Physiotherapy

The other options for Bi.P.C students other than MBBS or Medicine are Allied Health Sciences and Paramedical

Allied Health Sciences are the other courses courses for Bi.P.C students, they are of 2 to 3 years

  1. B.Pharma
  2. BSc. Nursing
  3. BOT-Occupational therapy
  4. BSC-Anesthesia Tec
  5. BSC-Cardiac Tec
  6. BSC-Medical Lab Tec
  7. BSc-Radio Therapy Tec
  8. BSc-Clinical Optometry
  9. BSC-Nuclear Medicine
  10. BSC-Operation Theatre
  11. BSC-Physician assistant
  12. BSc-Respiratory care
  13. BMLT-Medical Lab Technology

Another option for Bi.P.C students is of Paramedical. The different courses in paramedical are

  1. Dialysis Technician
  2. ECG technician
  3. X Ray technician
  4. Operation
  5. Operation Theatre Technician

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