Nausheen Juice Centre, Chandrayangutta

Nausheen Juice Centre Chandrayangutta Hyderabad

Nausheen Juice Centre is a Fruits Juice Shop in Chandrayangutta, Hyderabad.

Mr. Ahmed Maqsood is the Proprietor of Nausheen Juice Centre.

Nausheen Juice Centre is very famous for quality and quantity of its Juices.

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List of Fruit Juices available at Nausheen Juice Centre

  1. Mango Juice
  2. Mosambi Juice
  3. Cocktail
  4. Apple juice
  5. Pine Apple Juice
  6. Strawberry Juice
  7. Avacado Juice
  8. Water Melon Juice
  9. Fruit Salad
  10. Shehtoot Salad and more

Not only Juices but also Masqati Ice-cream is also available at Nausheen Juice Centre.

Nausheen Juice Centre is near to Rumaan Restaurant Chandrayangutta (at chota chaurasta)

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