A message to mothers on mother’s day

A message to mothers on mother’s day

As my day dawned today, I was shocked to see my social media flooding with myriad of ‘Happy Mother’s day’ posts.Then I got to know about this new trend of giving utmost respect and taking selfies with mothers on a particular day once in a year.

Truth be told, this day marks no significance to me, because for me every single day is a mother day throughout the year. Woe be to those individuals who shower love and respect on this particular day only and leave their mothers in the lurch in the remainder of the year.


Being a follower of Islam, I am very much cognizant of Mother’s Status. No post on social media can do justice to her status. Islam gives unparellel honor to women especially to mothers. This one famous statement of our prophet Muhammad PBUH will suffice to show how vitally Islam regards a mother ‘Heaven lies under the feet of mother‘.

This introductory part is to help the readers comprehend my message properly now without any further ado, I will now jump to the main theme of this article.

With great status comes greater responsibility. A woman must know that this status of having the Jannat under her feet demands great responsibilities. Undoubtedly her undergoing the excruciating pain during pregnancy and while delivering a baby, does add to her greatness but their is much more than it. Islam didn’t give incomparable status to mother just because she delivers a baby. This status has much to do with how she upbrings and naurishes the baby as well.

Unfortunately with the passage of time, they love of mother towards her children has remained same but the standard of upbringing has taken a nose dive.

This a matter of great concern. If a child becomes wayward and goon due to mother’s negligence, she will be held accountable.These days, Instead of lulling the kid and calming them down, mothers leave their infants to the mercy of mobile phones.As the kids grow up, some mothers complain about kids’ disobedience but the fact is Kids don’t listen to what we say, they do what we do. If a mother does pious and productive things, kids will also emulate her. If she is busy watching serials and using phone, how can she expect her kids to be indulgent in studies?As kids grow up into men, we see groupings in homes. Most youngsters side their mothers. They don’t value how vitally important a father is. This is a mother’s responsibility to teach her kids the status of father.

This is an onus on her to impart great values to her kids as her lap is the first school of her kids.

I cease my pen here imploring the Mothers to assess the gravity of their roles and responsibilities and give the best upbringing as they give the best love to their kids, so that they contribute majorly in better future generations.

~Md Aqib Safi

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  1. Mashallah very well written. Indeed the article is thougt provoking. Allaha tala has bestowed the greatest blessing on women or rather mother by saying that Heaven lies under the feet of a mother. So it is the duty of a mother to upbring her kids in such a manner that Allaha tala bless them with Jannat

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