Farhan Bajrai and SEO?

Hi! I am Farhan!

I write content that ranks

Dear Enterpreneur!

I understand! Business is tough and nowadays the competition is increasing.

Everyone needs to scale there business up.

In the digital era, the most important thing is to bring your website or business in the first page og Google Search Result i.e. SERP.

Here are some cool SEO results

I myself working for my startup, Bajrai Online Solutions, have done the work and Bring the Bajrai Online Solutions up.

In the last 12 months, Bajrai Online Solutions reached 3.58 Million Impressions with almost 60K clicks

Google Search Console Results

That is really cool for a website which is 2 years old.

Scored Featured Snippets

Bajrai Online Solutions scored featured snippets, look at the results

Featured Snippet: How to Type Theta

The othe Featured Snippet is my article about Famous Hyderabadi Breakfasts, look at the results

Featured Snippet: Famous Hyderabadi Breakfasts

Ranked #1 On Google

Other than the Featured Snippets, many posts by me Ranked #1 on Google.

Some of them are

#1 on Google Collect Information about Extraction of Metals…
#1 on Google SERP scientists who developed atomic theories
#1 on Google SERP Success Degree College Santosh Nagar

These are some of the results, you can find many posts on the first page of Google SERP

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