How to type Theta (θ) in MS Word

How to type Theta (θ) in MS Word

Methods of typing Theta θ in Micro Soft Word

When I am typing some mathematics on my PC. I find difficult to write the theta θ symbol in it. I searched in symbols  and it takes too much of time. After some time I found these three ways for typing theta symbol in MS word. I thought that I should share with you also. So here are the three methods.

First Method: To typeTheta θ in MS Word, go to Insert and click on Equations and select theta from Basic Math symbols.

Go to Insert -> Equations

In Equations you will find the theta θ symbol present in Basic Math

Second Method:

To Type Theta θ in MS Word, another method is to use it from symbols.

Go to Insert –> Symbols

In symbols, goto subset Greek and Coptic and select θ from it.

Third Method:

One of the method to type theta θ  in MS Word is press and hold alt key + 952 from numpad.

Hope these methods help you.


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