A Proclamation Day

A Proclamation Day

This Essay was written by Zaid Mohammad Sayeed of Madrasa Abdullah Bin Masood for Essay Writing Competition which was organised by Bajrai Online Solutions.

Republic day honours the date on which the rights, rules and duties were assigned to the people of India mainly believed in the concept of welfare security and freedom of citizens in the Country.

On 29 August 1947, a resolution was moved for the appointment of a drafting committee and was appointed to draft a permanent constitution with Dr Bhimrao  Ramji Ambedkar as chairman. The idea of constitution was solely based upon the welfare of people of india. It also constitute the rules and regulations regarding the civil matters.

Every year India celebrates Republic day on 26th January with lots of happiness and enthusiasm in order to cherish the implementation of constitution that came into force on 26 January in the year 1950

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Republic Day Of India

India was enslaved by Britishers for 200 years. The India has always been under the dictatorships of several kings and prince.

However after the independence of India from the Britishers, India was free and ready to celebrate theirDescription: ? victory against injustice.

India became independent on 15th august 1947 after a long period of struggle and suppression.

Our father of nation mohandas karamchand gandhi and Pandith jawaharlal nehru decided to end monarchy and dictatorship in India. The idea of democracy evolved in india.

Democracy.comes from (demos) common people and (krotos) strength, which was led by Cleisthenes of Athenes. Democracy is defined as government by the people in which supreme power is vested in the people and usually periodically held free election by the people.

On this occasion of Republic day president of India distributes padma vibhushan, padma bhushan and bravery awards to the brave and exceptional civilians every year.

People pay a tribute to all the Jawans on the border and Always try to remember the rhythms of the heroes of the independent India.

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