AIM High School, Phool Bagh, Hyderabad

AIM stands for Ayesha Islamic Mission High School.

AIM high school is a school situated in old city of Hyderabad.

Mrs. Ayesha Sultana is the Principal of AIM High School Phool bagh Hyderabad.

Mr. Hafiz Aqib Safi is the Academic Director and English Teacher of the AIM High School.

Some of the distinguish features of AIM High School are

  1. Daily Assembly presentations by students,
  2. Special focus on English
  3. 1:20 ratio of teachers and students
  4. Well ventilated classrooms,
  5. Smart class,
  6. Focus on the Pronunciation and Accent
  7. Overall English environment.

So AIM High School is the best school to enhance English Commication Skills.

Here are some of the Assembly Presentations by Students of Aim High School.

Assembly Presentation: Importance of English
Assembly Presentation: Elephant & the Rope Motivational Story
Assembly Presentation: Never Jump to Conclusions

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