Al Haque Educational Society, Saidabad

Al Haque Educational Society, Saidabad, Hyderabad

According to the Al Haq Educational society,
The Al Haque Educational and Welfare Society has been formed in the year 1992, Registered No. 124/92 later in July 2017 the society was renamed Al Haque Educational Society…

Projects: Projects of Al Haque Educational Society Establishment of Deeni Madaris in Villages: The Muslims living in Villages are not aware of Islam. They do not know about “Fundamentals of Islam“ That is like Halal, Haram, and Bidath, […]

Address of Al Haque Educational Society:

Aims and Objectives of Al Haque Educational Society:

  1. Propagation of Tawheed (Monotheism) in the light of Al-Quran & Hadith.
  2. Establishing and running of Morning & Evening moral schools in villages.
  3. Establishing of Residential Schools for Hifz & Alimiyath courses along with modern education up to S.S.C. in English medium.
  4. Awareness of Islamic Teachings in remote villages to safeguard from fitnah Qadiyani (Ahmedi Group).
  5. Publication of Islamic literature in the Telugu language to communicate and disseminate true Islamic message to the Telugu-speaking people of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh for the Eradication of illiteracy and misconceptions about Islam and Muslims.
  6. Religious discourse of Quran and Sunnah and organizing public speeches to inculcate communal harmony, brotherhood, tolerance, and unity among the people of India.
  7. In our residential schools, we take more care to orphans and poor children of the rural areas. We provide free Ethnic &
  8. Modern Education, along with food, clothes, books etc. (For this, sponsorship is envisaged).
  9. Al Haque Educational Society fulfils its financial requirements by the generous help of Muslim philanthropists, special contributions, charitable donations, through Zakath, Chirm e Qurbani and Sadaqath.

All the details regarding Al Haque Educational Society is taken from Al Haq

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