Al Noor Chicken and Egg Centre, Kachiguda

Al-Noor Chicken and Egg Centre is a Chicken centre in Chappal Bazar, Kachiguda, Hyderabad.

Al Noor Chicken centre provides excellent service and good response to their customers.

Al Noor Chicken Centre was established in 1972.
The founder of Al Noor Chicken Centre is Mr Muhammad Jamal Uddin.

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Key Features of Al Noor Chicken Centre

  • Serving Humans for 50 years
  • Very famous in public
  • Desi Chicken Eggs are 100 % original here
  • Desi Eggs are available here from the beginning only
  • Eggs of Duck are also available here
  • Broiler Chicken is available in wholesale and retail
  • Supplies chicken and eggs for every function
  • Al Noor Chicken Weigh correctly
  • Welcome customer with smiling face

They supply chicken and eggs for functions and orders at wholesale rate.

Al Noor Chicken and Egg Centre Address and Contact No

Opp Haree Masjid, Chappal Bazar,
Hyderabad , Telangana