Muhammed Aqib Safi an English Language Expert

Muhammed Aqib Safi is an English Language Expert and is one of the most sought after English trainers.

He hails from Hyderabad and he is the director of AIM High School. He has over 10 years of Experience in teaching Basic & Advanced English. In addition, Mr. Aqib Safi is associated with Skillford training center and Overseas Consultant. He has been working as IELTS trainer at Skillford.

Moreover, He has also run language proficiency workshops in many institutions. He has imparted the skills of language proficiency to police constables and Sub Inspectors.

Mr. Aqib Safi is highly qualified individual. He has done MBA, B.Ed, & TESOL. He is an Alim & Hafiz too.

His firm grip over the English language enables him to simplify even the most difficult English grammar concepts in easy and lucid manner.

His way of teaching is amazing and his rapport with the students is commendable. Within a short span of time he makes his students capable of speaking English fluently, flawlessly& fearlessly.

The videos of his trained students can be watched on his official YouTube channel ‘AIM high school’.

Today, many organizations and institutions rely on his language and communication expertise and frequently invite him for delivering lectures and conducting English language Proficiency Workshops. You can also fine tune your communication skills and take your English to an advanced level.

For trainings & courses details contact: +91 9700301992


  1. As I know Mr. Aqib Safi is one of the best teachers of English language in Old City. To know him best, look at his students, how they speak. His students deliver speeches in English without hesitation. Not only he is Enligh Expert but also he is a True leader who Marshalls his troops well. Many of us think that an Alim or A Hafiz doesn’t know English Language, just look at him, listen to him them your eyes will be opened. By true dedication, he worked hard day in and day out and improved his language skills. In a slum area like Naseeb Nagar He sowed the beans of English in his Students. Very hardworking, dedicated to English language. I didn’t see anyone as dedicated as Him.
    Allah Nazre bad se bachaye. Aameen

  2. I have known aqib for more than a decade now and he is my bosom friend. Rightly mentioned in the article that he excels in both the Islamic and Worldly education. During education days, it was highly witnessed that he gave a cut throat competition to everyone. Thenafter, he put unbelievable efforts and transformed himself to be an English trainer and garnered an incredible attention. He was also nominated for TESOL by his American Lady Professor, a certification which incurs a good amount of money but it was without any charge for him.

    Currently, he has been a role model for the youth and as well as for me. I would urge everyone to get benefited from this jewel and learn the language at it’s best way.

    1. Iam bless to have a tutor like him he nurtured me from the scratch
      Thank you Sir for teaching me with so much patience and dedication

  3. No doubt he is one the great teacher whom I see in my life??

  4. He is indeed the best English teacher i’ve ever seen in my academic career. Neither any school teacher nor any college professor can be like him. I have been very fortunate to be his student.

  5. To the wolrd he may be just a teacher but to his students he is a star… I always try to imitate him… The way he teachs is out of this world.. He understands the queries of every student… He is indeed one of the best teachers i have ever seen… His passion and hardwork is praiseworthy… He is truly an inspiration

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