Arabic is the language of Quran and Hadith. Every Muslim should learn Arabic Language to understand Quran and Hadith well.

For this purpose, Many Scholars wrote the books to make Arabic Language for the Muslims.

Maulana Mushtaq Ahmad Chartauli Rahimahullah wrote Arabi Zaban ka Aasan Qaida in Urdu Language for the Muslims of sub continent.

Key Features of Arabi Zaban ka Aasan Qaida

  • Both Nahw and Sarf is explained for beginners
  • Used Easy Urdu Language for the beginners
  • Focused on exercises so that individuals can understand the concept well
  • Exercises for translation from Urdu to Arabic and Arabic to Urdu given for expertise.
  • It is in the syllabus of most Madrasa for beginners
  • First half is regarding Arabic Sarf and the second half consist of basics of Nahw.
  • Last lessons consist of Arabic Numbers and Days of the week in Arabic.
Arabic Zaban ka Aasan Qaida consists of 18 lessons of Arabic Sarf and Nahw. 

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