Benefits of Talbeena Powder

  • 24 AZEQLIGHT is a pure Sunnah food, The world’s ever seen food which recovers all diseases except death.
  • 24 AZEQLIGHT Talbeena powder is a nutritious, delicious, organic and halaal product that contains 9 ingredients.
  • Cures for every disease is a Healthy, excellent, energy and immunity booster.
  • Best food for child growth and sharp memory with appetite.
  • Relief from Depression, sorrow, grief, hopeless, sadness etc.
  • For BP, Sugar and heart-related problems great impact on handling and controlling.
  • Reduces many types of joint paints eg., Backpain, knee pain, elbow pain, relief from top to toe.
  • Relief from napping and proper blood circulation &firmly curve nerves and tissues.
  • Very much Effective for men & women hidden problems
  • For older ages immortality, (water of life)Ex: weakness, shivering, under stamina etc.
  • Cure & enhanced their health with piece full rest & sleep.
  • Can be used every season.
  • For all diseases, energy and immunity booster

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