Bajrai is a Tribe of Yemen. It is written ????? in Arabic.

Bajrai Tribe people are in Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, UAE and in Hyderabad(India).

Bajrai Group consist of

Bajrai Online Solutions

Bajrai Online Solutions is an Online portal of Hyderabad, it is Hyderabad’s Biggest Online Directory. All the businesses and organisations are listed in it.

Bajrai Collection:

Bajrai Collection is a Collection of Ladies wear and kids wear. Bajrai Collection showroom is located in Chandrayangutta-Balapur Road in Hyderabad.

Bajrai Online Tutorials:

Bajrai Online Tutorials is an Online Tutorial services in which expert tutors will take Online Classes.

Bajrai DTP Services :

Bajrai DTP Services provide DTP in English, Urdu and Arabic at reasonable rates.