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Today Bajrai Online Solutions are blogging about Begum Bazaar: The Biggest Commercial Market in Hyderabad.

History tells us that, the Land of Begum Bazaar was gifted to Traders/ Merchants by Humda Begum, wife of His Highness Nizam Ali Khan, Asaf Jah II, for trade and commerce. Later it was named Begum Bazaar.

Begum Bazaar is walking distance from the Historical Osmania General Hospital as well as Afzal Gunj Bus stand. Musi river is also very near and passes by from Begum Bazaar. Naya Pul connects Old City to Begum Bazaar. Historical Moazzam Jahi Market is also near to the Begum Bazaar.

Begum Bazaar is one of the crowdest markets of Hyderabad. It deals in wholesale and retail. Almost everything you can find in Begum Bazaar at wholesale prices like kitchenware, house ware, Gifts and novelties, tobacco, brass ware, copper ware, kites, imported items, plastic items and so on.

Shopkeepers from different part of the city visit Begum Bazaar to purchase things at wholesale prices. Even public go there to purchase things in less price. For purchasing retail you have to bargain also.

Dry fruit market is also present in Begum Bazaar where we can get good quality Dry Fruits at reasonable prices