Are you searching for the Best Hifz Madarsa in Hyderabad? Then you are at the right place.

Muslims admit their kids in Madrasas (Islamic Schools) so that their kids memorize the Holy Quran with Tajweed.

You will find Hifz Madrasa in every area of Hyderabad. But when it comes to the best Hifz Madarsa in Hyderabad then here is a list of the top Hifz madarsa in Hyderabad

Top Hifz Madarsa in Hyderabad

  1. Madarsa Islamia Faizul Uloom
  2. Madrasa Ashraful Uloom
  3. Jamia Ishaatul Khair
  4. Madrasa Sabeelul Falah
  5. Jamia Islamia Darul Uloom Hyderabad
  6. Madrasa Darul Uloom Rahmania
  7. Darul Uloom Sabeelus Salam Barkas
  8. Mahad Muhius Sunnah (Masjid-e-Meraj)

Let’s dig deep into these top Hifz Madarsa.

1. Madrasa Islamia Faizul Uloom Saidabad

When it comes to the quality of Hifz with Tajweed, then Faizul Uloom has the topmost position in the minds of Hyderabadis. The Madarsa is affiliated to Hardoi, and they focus on Tajweed rules, and make their Huffaz shine in the world of Quranic Recitation and Memorization. So, the top name for the best Hifz Madarsa in Hyderabad is Faizul Uloom.

2. Madrasa Ashraful Uloom, Khaja Bagh

Ashraful Ulloom Madarsa is famous for both the Hifz and Alim Courses. It runs under the supervision of Famous Islamic Scholar Maulana Abdul Qavi Sahab damat Barakatuhum. After Faizul Uloom, Ashraful Uloom is famous for its Tajweed and Hifz in the entire city.

idara ashraful uloom hdyerabad
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Both Faizul Uloom, and Ashraful Uloom run Tasheeh classes for Huffaz i.e., the person who memorized the Holy Quran goes there corrects its Tajweed mistakes, and learns how to Teach the Holy Quran to students.

Many Hifz Madarsa in Hyderabad and its surroundings, require a Tasheeh certificate from the above Madarsas to join teaching in their Madarsa.

3. Jamia Ishaatul Khair

The Other famous Hifz Madarsa in Hyderabad is Jamia Ishaatul Khair which runs under the supervision of Maulana Abdullah Tayyib Sahab. It has branches in Tolichowki, Bazarghat, Errakunta etc.

Jamia Ishaatul Khair yerrakunta
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This chain of Madarsa is also providing good Hifz Teachings to its students in Hyderabad.

4. Madrasa Sabeelul Falah

Other than the above Hifz Madaris in Hyderabad, there is Madarsa Sabeelul Falah in Bandlaguda, Chandrayangutta, and Hyderabad. It was run by Famous Islamic Scholar Maulana Abdul Mughni Sahab Rahimahullah, but after his demise, Maulana Abdul Qavi Sahab is supervising this Madarsa too.

5. Jamia Islamia Darul Uloom Hyderabad

When it comes to madaris in Hyderabad, then you can’t forget Darul Uloom Hyderabad. The Jamia was started by Late Maulana Aqil Husami sahab rahimahullah. It is a landmark for Madaris in Hyderabad. Its Alim Course is popular throughout India. It also has Hifz Madarsa working, which is very popular in Hyderabad. The Student who completes Hifz in Darul Uloom Hyderabad has the suffix Husami after his name.

6. Madrasa Darul Uloom Rahmania

Darul Uloom Rahmania located in Talab Katta Hyderabad is one of the best Hifz as well as Alim Course Madarsa in Hyderabad. Moulana Alhaj Mohammed Mohiuddin Nakshbandi (RH) laid the foundation in the year 1970. It runs under the supervision of Mufti Ghayas Uddin Rahmani. It is also a good Madarsa to admit your child for Hifz in Hyderabad.

Darul Uloom Rahmania Hyderabad
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7. Darul Uloom Sabeelus Salam Barkas

Sabeelus Salam Madarsa is famous for his Hifz and Alim courses throughout India. Under the supervision of Maulana Rizwan Qasmi Rahimahullah, the madarsa reached its height both in Hifz and Alim Course. It is located in Barkas, Hyderabad

8. Mahad Muhius Sunnah (Masjid-e-Meraj)

Out of the above Madaris Mahad Muhius Sunnah is the youngest one, but it is delivering quality Hifz Teachings to its students. The madrasa is run under the supervision of Hafiz Syed Fazlur Rahman Sahab -the Imam of Masjid-e-Meraj, Kurmaguda.

The Hifz and Tajweed quality at Masjid e Meraj is very good. Many students throughout Hyderabad are coming and learning the Holy Quran with Tajweed and memorizing it.

So, this is the Top 8 Hifz Madarsa in Hyderabad list, we might forget some of them. You can reach us to update this list.