Abu Bakr Siddiq RA was one of the closest companions of Prophet Muhammad ??? ???? ???? ???? and He was the first Man to Embrace Islam.

Here I am going to describe a brief Bio of Abu_Bakr Siddiq Razi Allahu Ta’ala anhu.

Abu Bakr Siddiq Razi Allahu anhu
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Many Great Companions of Prophet Muhammad ??? ???? ???? ???? embraced Islam on the preaching of Abu_Bakr Siddiq RA like Hazrat Osman, Zubair Bin Awwam, Abdur Rahman Bin Aof, Saad Bin Abi Waqqas, Abu Ubaidah Bin Jarrah, Osman Bin Mazoon Razi Allahu Ta’ala anhum.

He was present in each and every Battle with Prophet Muhammad ??? ???? ???? ????.

He freed many Slaves from their polytheist masters like Bilal RA, Amir Bin Fuhaira.

His real name was Abdullah and Abu Bakr is His Kuniyah (patronymics)

Kuniyah is a title by one is ascribed to his Son or Daughter. Some times Kuniyah is associated with some work, place, idea etc. 

Titles of Abu Bakr Razi Allahu Ta’ala anhu

Ateeq and Siddiq are the titles given to Abu Bakr Siddiq RA by the Prophet Muhammad ??? ???? ???? ????.

Father Name: Abu Qahafa RA was the father of Abu Bakr Siddiq RA and his real name was Osman. Abu Qahafa RA embraced Islam on the day of Fath e Makkah.

Mother Name: Salmah bint Sakhr was the Mothe of Abu Bakr Siddiq RA and she embraced Islam in the earlier stages.

His Wives

Throughout his life, he married 4 women. Here are the names of His wives.

  1. Qateela Binte Abdul Uzzah
  2. Umme Rumaan Binte Aamir
  3. Asma Binte Umais
  4. Habeebah Binte Kharijah

His Sons

  1. Abdur Rahman bin Abu_Bakr RA
  2. Abdullah Bin Abu_Bakr Siddiq RA
  3. Muhammad Bin Abu_Bakr Siddiq RA

His Daughters

  1. Asmaa Binte Abu_Bakr Siddiq RA
  2. Aaisha Binte Abu_Bakr Siddiq RA Ummul Momineen
  3. Umme Kulsoom Binte Abu_Bakr Siddiq RA
Abu_Bakr Siddiq RA was the First Khalifa among the 4 Caliphs.

His Khilafat period is 2 years 3 months and 10 days.

At the age of 63 years he met the maker.

He was buried beside the Grave of Prophet Muhammad??? ???? ???? ????


The article is written in the light of many books on the topic of Khilafat Rashida especially Khilafat e Rashida ka Ahde Zarreen, Tareekh e Islam and Abu Bakr Al Siddeeq.

Written by Abu Amina