What is Burqa?

Burqa or Burkha is a long, loose outer garment that covers the entire body with only a small opening for the eyes, worn outside the home by Muslim women.

Why Burqa is worn?

Burqa or Burkha is worn by Muslim women to cover themselves. Muslim women wore Burqa for modesty as Allah Subhanahu Ta’ala ordered Muslim women in Holy Quran to cover themselves using JILBAAB.

Normally in Burqa there will be three items

  1. Abhaya it i gown like loose garment basically in Black colour
  2. Dupatta: A Duppatta or Stole it covers the hairs and worn on head.
  3. Nose Piece or Face Piece: Face Piece is worn on Face. By Face Piece Normally Muslim Women cover their faces with a small opening for eyes to see.

Where we can Get Burqas in Hyderabad?

In Hyderabad, Shahran Market is famous for Burqas/ Burkhas. In Shahran Market there are many shops of Burqas only. You will get both wholesale and retail.

Also you will get Imported Burqas and imported stoles in Sharan market.

For example Suleman Burqa House (which is the first shop and the oldest one, just beside Shahran Hotel Kabab section) you can get Imported and Fancy Burqas at reasonable prices.