Before the pandemic had happened, there were protests going around in the whole country about the new law passed in the parliament regarding citizenship being given on the basis of religion. And it had caused massive protest around India, which enraged Muslims around the world. 

PM Narendra Modi and Home minister Amit Shah admitted that this law implies on giving citizenship to the refugees living in neighbouring countries who are getting tortured in the name of religion. Yes, we have neighbouring countries which have majority of muslim population and are Muslim dominated nations, and also being a person from other religion and staying in that country maybe tough. And I also accept part of the law which gives citizenship to all the non-muslim refugees who entered the country before 2014. Now, this is what we look at as common Indians. But then, there are other propagandas which the government has under this law. This is the same way they fooled us during demonetisation, saying it’s all easy and flexible but then leading people to go bankrupt and under hot sun for money. Now, the government admits that the law is a citizenship giving government rather than scraping off citizenship. 

In 74 years of Independent India, this is the first time where there is a law which gives citizenship based on religion. In the constitution, The 42nd Amendment amended Preamble and changed the description of India from “sovereign democratic republic” to a “sovereign, socialist secular democratic republic“. India is a secular country and for the first time citizenship is being given on the basis of religion, when earlier it was given on 5 pacts. By birth, by descent, by acquisition, by registration and by naturalisation. Now, imagine a situation where 10 people came running to you for help. Would you help only 8 of them, leaving the other 2 just because they are Muslim and Jew? Now, in the act they also haven’t taken the name of Jews, but only the term Muslim is being taken out due to diplomacy and politics in India. Now, they have taken names of 3 countries from which if any Muslim enters the country, they won’t get citizenship. They are Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. What they are trying to portray is only in the Muslim dominated countries there is cruelty over non-muslims. Never has it occurred that a Muslim was treated unfairly by a non-muslim. But is this true? No. The truth is that when in Sri Lanka, Tamils were tortured they came to India, when in Nepal, Christians were tortured, they came to India, when people in Tibet were tortured by China, they came to India, when people were tortured in Burma and Myanmar, they came to India. But then, the government doesn’t take the names of Burma, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, or Tibet, they just take the names of 3 countries which are Muslim dominated portraying a figure that only Muslims torcher other people.

Now, they’ve given a date of 31st December 2014. What’s the logic behind this date? Nothing. It’s just an arbitrary date. What do they want to portray? After their government came into power the cruelty in those 3 countries stopped? Or that after that day no one from that country will face cruelty? What’s the logic behind it?

Now, why are we protesting against NRC?

NRC hasn’t been implemented in all the states except for Assam. Now, there are many things we’ve to learn from the implementation of NRC in Assam. In the NRC list, there were about 19 lakh people whose name didn’t appear in the list. And from those 19 lakh names, only 5 lakh are Muslims and the other 14 lakh are non-muslim, now what they want to do is. They’ll send those 5 lakh Muslims into detention camps or into other countries and the remaining 14 lakh people? Through CAA they’ll get citizenship. Now, what the government is doing is also not in favour of the Hindus. Our PM is just pouring dust in the eyes of our Hindu brother.

Now, to Hindu brothers who think CAA is right, I have a real example of what occurred in Assam. Dulal Chandra, a Hindu, age 65 dies after staying 2 years in detention camp. Names of the whole family of Dulal Chandra was in the NRC list except for Dulal Chandra. This is a joke basically. What they are doing is fraud. How’s it possible that the whole family’s name in NRC list except for Dulal Chandra? How’s it possible that 19 lakh people came into the country without the government knowing about it?

Now, let’s move on to a different example assuming that Dulal Chandra was a poor illiterate man.

Chabindra Sharma, who served the country for 38 years in IAF was excluded from NRC list. This completely explains that this law isn’t again Muslims but against the country and its constitution.

Now, let’s move on to an example of a Muslim man. Mohammed Sanaullah, a veteran who fought in the Kargil war against Pakistan gets excluded from the NRC list.

Educated people, servants of the nation get excluded from NRC list. What are we then? Who’s going to answer? An army veteran who puts his life on the line for the country is being scrapped off from citizenship?

Fakruddin Ali, 5th president of India. I’m saying this again. 5th president of India, his family gets excluded from NRC list.

Syeda Taimur, who has been the chief minister of Assam, her name is excluded form the NRC list. Assam’s own chief minister, who had served the state, her name is excluded from NRC. How can we say that a poor and illiterate person can have his name on the list?

Who does our PM want to fool? Our country India, has 30% of population which earns only 36 Rupees per day. How are they going to prove that they are citizens of India? Now, what does our honourable Home minister say?

Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Voter ID card, birth certificate and passport are not proof of citizenship of this country.

That voter ID itself from which the government got votes and is the government can’t give us the proof that we are citizens of India.

When we go to a foreign country, we show our passport at customs which makes our identity as an Indian. That passport, today doesn’t have the power to prove that we are citizens of this country.

Article 326 of the constitution states that only the person who is a citizen of India can vote, meaning someone having voter ID card is a citizen of India. They are going against article 326 of India.

Now, Ex-Presidents, Ex- CM and veterans of army cannot prove their citizenship, how can a poor person living on a wage of 36 per day prove his citizenship?

Now, what the PM is trying to say is someone against CAA is against the country. What we have to understand is, our fight is with the PM but not the country.  India was our country, India is our country and India will always be our country.

And a government is only for 5 years, we are protesting against the government and not the country. There is a difference between government and country, today it’s BJP tomorrow it will be Congress or any other party. Our fight will be against them and not the country.

What we are trying to do is fight with the people of Hindu extremist mentality. The RSS, Our real fight is with them. RSS is against the country and not us. This is that RSS which killed the father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi.

Nathuram Godse was from RSS, a person saying Jai Shree Ram killed a person saying Haaye Ram. Mahatma Gandhi died while saying Haaye Ram. Mahatma Gandhi is a real Hindu and not Nathuram Godse. We need to understand this.

Who is RSS, since 52 years, RSS at its headquarters didn’t hoist the national flag. These people didn’t even hoist the national flag and have the audacity to ask us about our citizenship.

Golwalkar writes in his book “Bunch of thought” that Indian Constitution is a mere hotspotch. The sake Golwalkar which our PM looks up as a teacher and a mentor. Our fight is with people like Golwalkar. A person who’s calling Indian Constitution as a game of hotspotch, our PM looks at him like a mentor. We ask the PM, to once go against the saying of Golwalkar. He won’t. RSS will put someone else in his place.

When Asifa was raped in Kashmir, a minor. There were people holding protests for the rapists. How disgusting!

Veer Savarkar, also a person who our PM look up to like a mentor writes in his book “6 apex of glorious history” in chapter number 3 that if you want to gain power and for that you’ll have to commit heinous acts like rape, you can do that. A person with this mentality is who our PM looks at like a mentor.

They want to keep us in detention camps, where to they get these ideas from? Golwalkar writes in his book “We or our nationhood” that they have to learn from Hitler. How Adolf Hitler killed millions of Jews in the Holocaust.

The fight of ours is with people of these mentality. To conclude I want to say is, we are fighting with the people of this mentality, Golwalkar and Savarkar followed Hitler’s mentality. And our PM does the same. But, someone who follows the mentality of Hitler will die a death lie Hitler.

Thus, CAA-NRC is unconstitutional and a law infringement. Thank you.

Written By Abdur Rahman Akbar