Callifeeha is a Hyderabad based self taught Arabic calligrapher (thuluth script).

Services Provided by Callifeeha

  • Works mainly on decorative arabic calligraphy written on paper, canvas, and on cloth.
  • Do custom wedding/birthday arabic frames (with dua’s and verses reminding them about there creator)
  • Arabic calligraphy is a unique and timeless art.
  • My work is mixture of traditional calligraphy with mordern art,
  • my soul reason is to attract the audience with the colourful calligraphy and bless them with the beauty of islamic script.
  • I’d like to revive arabic calligraphy among people and show them how this can not only be an art but also a way to remember the divine in our life.
  • My work is neat and unique in itself.

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Phone no: 6303606583