Farhan Bajrai the CEO of Bajrai Online Solutions- Hyderabad’s Biggest Online Directory

Hello viewers, here we introduce to you to the CEO of Bajrai Online Solutions – Hyderabad’s biggest Online Directory.

Mr. Farhan Bajrai started this Web directory in 2019 and now in 2022, it covers almost all the areas, shops, parks, etc.

The web directory is getting millions of views in a month now and the CEO is now a millionaire.

Not only Bajrai Online Solutions, Mr. Farhan Bajrai is also running many other online projects which also get millions of views in a month, and they all are adding revenue to his account.

Mr. Farhan is giving valuable data to his customers and these valuable data and values are giving returns to him.

Projects of Mr. Farhan Bajrai

Besides Bajrai Online Solutions, Mr. Farhan is running a Tutorial Website about WordPress, in which he and his team are guiding Beginners as well as Experts about WordPress, its themes, and its Plugins. They are solving many problems which users get while using WordPress.

The Other Project is to make Content Writers, for this Mr. Farhan is giving tutorials and training them on how to become a good Content Writer. For this, Mr. Farhan is focusing on students of High School and Intermediate college. Because these students don’t have a proper future vision and Content Writing fits in every field of students.

One of the Projects of Mr. Farhan is AF, the vision behind the AF is to help the people around the city and country. The word AF comes to his mind from PF. From the salary of each and every employee, there is a deduction of PF, and almost everyone happily agrees with it, because he/she will get back to the amount deducted in a better way, at the time of retirement.

AF stands for Akhirat Fund, as he believes that whatever we spend here to help humanity will come in a better way in the hereafter. So he started AF and he asks everyone to donate some percentage of their salary to this fund and we will jointly to the needy.

He has other projects coming in this year and in upcoming years.

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