The constitution of India is one of the lengthiest constitutions in the whole world which contains a Preamble, 22 parts with 448 articles, 12 schedules, 5 open dices and 15 amendments.

It is the only constitution in the world which was handwritten completely in two languages Hindi and English. Constitution of India was Handwritten by Prem Bihar Narain Raizada.

The constitution of India say that the Republic of India is a sovereign, socialist, secular and a Democratic Republic. The constitution also celebrates the values of Justice, liberty, equality and fraternity for all the people in the country without any discrimination.

The constitution of India assure the citizens their Economic and political justice, belief and worship. Although in recent years, certain articles and clauses of constitution has been over stepped which is the dangerous precedence for the Democratic values of the country.


I would like to conclude by saying that the Indian Constitution is of France, Russia, America, Britain and Japan. It is one of the longest constitution in the world and addresses each and every problem in a country like India with so much diversity in culture and ethnicity. It is because of the constitution of India that India is known as the second biggest democracy and if there comes a time when constitution of India is not followed, then India might slip into the fascism and authoritarianism.

This Article was written by Fatima Banu, a 9th class student of Unique High School Old Malakpet, Hyderabad.