Some Of The Dangerous Mistakes by a Father

Image Credits unsplash

A father should be like a Kind King who love his community meanwhile the community should not be able to do wrong things due tohis A Father should be like a kind king.
Here are some of the dangerous mistakes which can be done by a father.

  1. Don’t Scold infront of others: If anyone of your children does a mistake scold him in solitude, don’t scold him in front of others.
  2. Don’t Scold all for mistake of one: Likewise don’t scold all the children when any one of them does a mistake.
    Likewise don’t vent the anger of one mistake on another work
  3. Don’t taunt Your Child on his mistake by giving examples of same age group, if you keep doing like this then it left many negative impacts on your child like
    He will start hating that boy, likewise if that boy or girl has some fault and your child knows it then he will start thinking that He/she has so many faults but my father likes him or her, now I will also become meek in appearance only
  4. One of the biggest loss will be your child rather thinking that you are a reformer, he would think that you are only a man who use to taunt often.

These points are written in the lights of MISAALI BAAP.