Misconceptions about the Aashoora

Do Aashoora’s importance is due to Shahadah of Hazrat Husain ??? ???? ???

There is a misconception in the mind of many people especially Muslims that the importance of Aashoora is due to Hazrat Husain’s Shahadah.

First of All, What does Aashoora mean?

Aashoora refers to 10th of Muharramul Haram – the first month of the Islamic Hijri Calendar.

Aashoora’s importance is not due to the Shahadah of Hazrat Husain Razi Allahu anhu but Hazrat Husain Razi Allahu Ta’ala anhu Shahadah occurs on the auspicious day of Aashoora.

Important Events on the Day of Aashoora

In Islam, importance of Aashoora is from the start. In the books of Hadith we get many important events on this day.

  • Acceptance of Repentance of Adam alaihis Salam
  • Deliverance of Prophet Nooh(Noah) alaihis Salam from the storm
  • Deliverance of Hazrat Moosa (Moses) alaihis Salam and Bani Israil from Firaon (Pharaoh)
  • Acceptance of Repentance of Magicians of Pharoah and
  • The Birth of Eisa(Jesus) alaihi Salam

These are the events occurred on the Day of Aashoora. Other events which are mentioned on the day of Aashoora are not proven but they are fabricated.

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The other thing is Before the obligation of Fasting in Ramadan, Aashoora’s Fasting was Obligatory.

Now all these events occurred way before the Shahadah of Hazrat Husain Razi Allahu Ta’ala anhu. Hazrat Husain Razi Allahu anhu got Shahadah in 61 Hijri.

One thing let me clear that the Shahadah of Grandson of Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam is very big but Importance of Aashoora is not due to it.

Allah Subhanahu Ta’ala knows best.

Abu Amina

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