Donate 1 Crore Meals Using Google Pay

Google Pay Started I-care campaign to donate 1 Crore Meals to the families impacted by covid – 19.

Download Google Pay and Join I-care

How this Donating Works?

1.Earn a heart box
Donate, pay bills or recharge mobile for a guaranteed way to earn more heart boxes.
2. Gift heart box in a group

Every heart box comes with 4 surprises – claim all 4 with friends to donate meals.
3. Gift 30 heart boxes to earn rewards
Keep gifting up to 30 heart boxes to friends in groups and earn rewards up to Rs. 300. After gifting a heart box you and Your friends get Vouchers, in those vouchers many vouchers contain cashback also for you and your friends in the Group.
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Download Google Pay and Join I-care

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