Eid ul Fitr is one of the two festivals (Eids) of Muslims, the other one is Eid ul Azha.

Eidul Fitr is celebrated on 1st Shawwal of Islamic Calendar. Eidul Fitr is celebrated at the end of Holy Month of Ramadan (Ramazan). In Ramadan, Muslims fast the whole month and at the end they celebrate Eid.

What Muslims Do on Eidul Fitr?

After the completion of Ramadan, either completing 30 days of Ramadan or by sighting moon on 29th of Ramadan Muslims celebrate the Eidul Fitr festival. Muslims give an obligatory charity called as Sadaqatul Fitr to the poor people in the society. The Sadaqatul fitr will be given by each and every member of the family. Sadaqatul Fitr should be given before the Eid Prayer.

Muslims wear new clothes and go to Eid Gaah for offering 2 Rakat Eid Prayer. After Eid Prayer they hug each other by Saying EID MUBARAK or TAQABALALLAHU MINNA WA MINKUM means May Allah accept from us and from You.

                Muslims normally make Sweet dishes, the famous sweet dish on Eidul Fitr is SHEERKHURMA in Hyderabad.

Sheerkhurma is made from Milk and Sewiyan and other dry fruits. Sheerkhurma is very tasty Sweet dish and it is made only on Eidul Fitr.

On the day of Eid ul Fitr, Muslims visits their Relatives and Friends because of Eid.

EIDI: The elder people will give some cash or gifts to the children as a gift on Eid called as EIDI.

When is Eid ul Fitr 2020 in Hyderabad?

The expected date of Eidul Fitr 2020 is 24th May 2020 or 25th May 2020. As mentioned above if the Crescent of Shawwal is seen on 29th Ramadan then Eid will be on 24th May 2020 else Eid will be on 25th May 2020 in Hyderabad.