Father of Indian Constitution

Dr B.R Ambedkar is known as the father of Indian Constitution and he was the main person behind the framing of the Indian Constitution.

He was the head of the drafting committee and he travelled across the world for many democratic countries to get inspiration to draft the Indian Constitution.

It is also said that Dr B.R Ambedkar wanted to burn the Constitution of India with regards to powers of the governor. Ambedkar has heated debate with the members of the drafting committee and was hellbent on preventing any harm or injury to the minorities of the country.

Language of Indian Constitution

The Indian constitution was originally written in Hindi and English.

The constituent assembly and the members of the same signed two copies of the Constitution, one in the language of Hindi and the other in English.

Longest Constitution on the Earth

Then when the Constitution was drafted, the Indian Constitution was only handwritten. It was neither printed not typed and hence it is the only longest handwritten constitution on the earth.

Significance of the Indian Constitution

The values that the constitution represents in the values that India celebrates everyday.

The fundamental rights that the Constitution of India guarantees it’s citizens to keep them safe from the bad elements in the section of the population are important.

The values of liberty, equality, fraternity and secularism are some of the values that are celebrated all over the world and the Indian Union stands as a testimony for these values.

It is because of the robustness and strength of our constitutional that India has become the second-largest democracy in the world.

Preamble of Indian Constitution

The preamble of the Constitution of India declared the country as a power in a socialist, secular and democratic republic and the welfare of the state is committed to attaining justice, liberty and equality for all the people without any discrimination based on religion, caste, creed or place of birth.

Time Taken to complete the Indian Constitution

It took nearly three years to complete the Indian Constitution and to be precise it took 2 years 11 months and 18 days to come up with the final draft.

The constitution of India has been amended over 94 times in the last 60 years of India’s independence.


I would like to conclude that the essence of the constitution that makes India one of the strongest nations in the world. Without such a robust Constitution, India would slip into a fascist and authoritarian regime. Every government irrespective of political, ideological and bend of mind, should obey the Constitution of India and follow the law of land for the healthy Democratic Republic of India.

This essay was written by Habeeb Anas son of Habeeb Abdur Rahman 5th class Student of St.Joseph’s Public School, King Kothi, Hyderabad.