Farhan Bajrai

Farhan Bajrai is an Entrepreneur, Web Designer as well as a Teacher. He resides in Hyderabad. He is the Founder, Designer, and Director of Bajrai Online Solutions.  


Farhan Bajrai , his complete name is Farhan Bin Saleh Bajrai. Bajrai is the Tribe and their ancestors migrated from Hadhramout,Yemen. He has his schooling in Dazzling High School, Moghalpura, Hyderabad. Then He has completed his Intermediate from Sri Chaitanya Kalasala,Narayanguda in MPC.

During his intermediate studies, his mind changes towards religious studies. So, after intermediate, he wanted to become a Religious Scholar, for that he wanted to join the Madrasah-Religious School. As per his parents’ guidance, he started learning the Arabic Language in Ek Minar Masjid, Nampally as well as he continued his studies in Anwar ul Uloom Degree College.

In 2007, he started learning Islamic Studies at Madrasah Abdullah Ibne Masood Razi Allahu anhu – this madrasah is made for the people who are interested in Islamic Studies and they are busy in the morning in their studies/jobs/ businesses. Alim Course is of 5 years in Madrasa Abdullah Ibne Masood RA. The timing of madrasah is after Maghrib Namaz, so this timing didn’t stop him from acquiring modern education in the morning. While completing his Alim Course, he joined Anwarul College for MCA after Degree Studies. After Completing 5 years of Alim Course Farhan Bajrai joined a year course Takmeelaat Fii Uloomil Islamiya at Madrasa Abdullah Ibne Masood RA, in it he was the only student to learn this course. 

After completion of his studies in both Alim Course and MCA, he started hunting for jobs and meanwhile he started teaching computer basics at Talent Spoken English

In search of Jobs, he got the opportunity to teach Quran Translation, Hadith, Fiqh, and Arabic Grammar Online at the Branches of Jamia Aaisha Niswan, Hyderabad.

Then he selected Teaching as his career and started teaching both in the morning and evening in Madrasas. In the evening he taught in Madrasah Abdullah Ibne Masood RA only from where he completed his Islamic Studies.

Since 2013, he is teaching in Madrasah Abdullah Ibne Masood RA .

In 2016, he went Sharjah and returned after 5 months.

Then he started teaching Mathematics and Physical Sciences to High School students at AIM High School, Hyderabad.

In 2019, he started teaching Physical Sciences to High School Students at MESCO Grades Malakpet.

Meanwhile, he use to design websites and some desktop softwares at home.

In 2019, he started his Own Web Directory of Businesses and named it as Bajrai Online SolutionsHyderabad’s Biggest Online Directory.

Meanwhile, He completed MA in Arabic from Osmania University and B.Ed from Al Madina College, Nalgonda.

Alhamdulillah, till now his Web Directory and Web Design Business is running smoothly.


  1. Schooling: SSC From Dazzling High School, Moghalpura, Hyderabad.
  2. Intermediate: MPC from Sir Chaitanya Junior Kalasala, Narayanguda.
  3. Degree: B.Com (General) from Anwarul Uloom Degree College, Mallepally.
  4. PG: MCA from Anwarul Uloom College, Mallepally.
  5. ASP.Net: Asp.Net,C#.Net from Magweb Technologies Punjagutta in 2013.
  6. Alim Course: In 2012 from Madrasah Abdullah Ibne Masood RA.
  7. MA Arabic From Osmania University
  8. B.Ed from Al Madina College Nalgonda.


  1. Teacher: Taught Mathematics and Physical Science in AIM High School then in MESCO Grades Malakpet. Teaches Tarjuma Quran, Hadith and Arabic Grammar in Madrasa Abdullah Ibne Masood RA.
  2. Founder and Directory of Bajrai Online Solutions.
  3. Manage Accounts of Suleman Burqa House, Shahran Market.
  4. Freelancer


Some of the live works in the field of Web Designing of Farhan Bajrai are shown here. 

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