Madrasa Abdullah Ibne Masood, Kurmaguda, Hyderabad

Madrasah Abdullah Ibne Masood is the famous Islamic Institution which is delivering its services for those people who want to become Aalim (Islamic Scholar) but they are busy in their modern education or in Jobs. For those people who are busy in morning hours and who are aged Madrasa Abdullah Ibne Masood is the Ray of Hope for them.                         

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Madrasa Abdullah Ibne Masood is meant to impart Islamic education to those people who are engaged in pursuing modern education or are employed or retired and is not able to pursue AALIM Course because of their routines in morning like Doctors, Engineers, Businees men etc.

In 2001 Madrasa Abdullah Ibne Masood was established under the management of Al Mahad Ul Aali Al Islami Hyderabad.

In Madrasa Abdullah Ibne Masood they teach Arabic Grammar Sarf and Nahw, Seerat of Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam and Islamic History with  Quran, Hadith and Fiqh.

The duration of this course is five years.

Classes are conducted on evenings for 3 hours after Maghrib. This institution received overwhelming response from the public.

One of the most remarkable characteristics of Madrasa Abdullah Ibne Masood is there is no age limit for learning here. You can see students in same class some of them have white beard and some of them who doesn’t have beard yet. All will learn together.

For Women also there is separate classes arranged at different localities like Baba Nagar, Malakpet , Sayeedabad etc.

Till now more than 100 Men and Women completed their AALIM course here in which Doctors, Engineers, Huffaz, MBA, MCA,B.Ed etc degree holders present.

Madrasa Abdullah Ibne Masood is now located in Kurmaguda near Masjid e Meraj, Beside Royal Embassy Junior College.

For more details you can contact Maulana Sarfaraz Ahmad Rahmani.

Contact: 9908019612


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