Fear of COVID-19

By: Mrs Afshan Fatima

English Teacher at Unique High School

The other day, in a telephonic conversation with a friend, I expressed my fear of death with COVID-19. She laughed it off saying we are destined to die one day. So, why worry. Agreed, but dont I have a right to think of a decent death. In the past whenever I imagined my death I always so myself surrounded by my loved ones,mourning my death then I imagined myself being given the last ritual wash, being taken to a mosque for the final prayer and then being lowered into the grave by my husband and my son. But, now when I see the treatment being given to the patients who die of COVID-19 a shiver runs up my spine. I being a follower of Islam always avoided being in contact with an unacquainted. So, how can I imagine my dead body being left at the mercy of strangers. It being thrown into a pit from a distance like a worm. So my rhetorical question is for all thoes who are flocking the markets humming Maut aani hai ayegi ek din and spreading the virus. Don’t we people deserve a decent death and a decent burial?
I humbly request everyone to understand the gravity of the situation and stay at home and help in breaking the chain of COVID-19.