As we all know, whenever any one plays with the dignity of any person, he/she can file a case against the person who is defaming him/her.

If that person said, I didn’t defame him but I am using my freedom of speech or freedom of expression, then no one accept his saying.

But when someone defames Prophet Muhammad ??? ???? ???? ????-( the messenger of peace ) makes his cartoons, and hurts billions hearts of Muslims. How can this be Freedom of Expression?

Defaming a single person is not Freedom of Expression then how can be defaming a religious personality comes under Freedom of Expression?

This is not Freedom of expression instead this is the effect of Islamophobia. Their hearts are filled with the hatred against Islam and Muslims.

On the other hand, Islamic teachings are

Allah Subhanu Ta’ala says in Holy Quran

“Do not revile those whom they invoke other than Allah, lest they should revile Allah in transgression without having knowledge. This is how We have made the deeds of every community attractive in their sight.” (6:108)

Muslims love Prophet Muhammad ??? ???? ???? ???? more than their lives. Loving Prophet Muhammad ??? ???? ???? ???? is the part of our Imaan.

What to Do in this situation?

  • Muslim countries should pressurise France to stop this kind of hatred either by stopping embassy relations or pressurising UNO to concise the meaning of Freedom of Expression.
  • Muslims should boycott the French products to show that a Muslim can’t tolerate blasphemy.
  • Religious Scholars should aware all Muslims in this topic and ask them to boycott French Products some of them are L’Oréal, Garnier, Total Petrol Pumps, Total Oil etc.
  • Muslims should also use the power of social media and print media to express the anger.
  • Non-Muslims should also support Muslims because every religious Personality we should respect.

Conclusion: In the conclusion, I will say that Insulting Prophet Muhammad ??? ???? ???? ???? is not Freedom of speech instead it is the Mental Illness of those people and Muslims won’t tolerate it.

Written by Abu Amina