Guidelines For Students: SSC Board Exams

Dear Students,

“Great achievements always take place in a framework of great expectation”

It’s time you got ready for the board exams. We stand by you to ensure that you come out with flying colors in the SSC Board Examinations.

Given below are a few tips to help you attain success•

  1. Make a visit to your exam center at least one day before the commencement of the exam. (So thatyou need not search for your exam center on the day of exam!)Keep your mind calm & cool when you go to attend your Exams •
  2. On the day of exam, report to the examination Centre 1 hour before the commencement of theexamination. •
  3. Do not wear school uniform. Wear only civil dress.Carry school ID card & do not share your address or phone numbers (of your parents) with outsiders. •
  4. Carry your original Hall Ticket along with 1 Xerox copy of the same to the center, •
  5. Do not carry any unwanted/prohibited materials to the exam centerCarry only the required stationary. [Pens, Pencils, Sharpeners, Erasers, Scale, Geometry box, Writing pad, Wrist Watch, water bottle, napkin, etc.) Check all your belongings (Hall Ticket, Stationery, etc.) before coming out of the Examination Hall Follow all the instructions of the invigilator regarding the Bar Coding and fill the OMR sheet as per the instructions. In case of any doubt, ask the invigilator. If you have any doubts, clarify it only with the Invigilator and not with your bench-mate Be polite when you are talking to the invigilator. Read the questions carefully and completely before answering Don’t write your Hall Ticket Number anywhere on the Main Answer Book, Additional Sheets, Part-B,Map or Graph. •
  6. Do not discuss the answers of the questions in the paper with anyone after the exam.
  7. Don’t think too much about the correctness of the answers you have written, think only about the next exam. •
  8. After completion of an exam, prepare for the next exam with confidence without any discussions orthinking about completed exams. Do not Prepare New topics/questions during the exam preparation. Revise only whatever you havestudied till now > Plan your Revision systematically without wasting time.Have sufficient sleep. Avoid late night studies and last minute preparations Avoid using Mobile Phones, Playing Games, using Social Media, Watching TV, Going to Movies, Goingto Functions etc. while exams are on > Avoid oily & junk food and take sufficient breakfast and drink sufficient water every day.

Instructions regarding paper presentation.

  1. Maintain proper boarder:
  2. a) Draw single line border on four sides of the paper with HB Pencil
  3. b) Avoid double line boarder and decorations
  4. Striking: Student should not strike minor spelling, grammatical mistakes it spoils the impression.
  5. • Maintain equal gap between words, lines and paragraphs.
  6. Maintain the first 3-4 pages more neatly without any strikes/corrections/overlapping etc.
  7. Underline the side headings/important dates etc, that need to be highlighted
  8. Write around 20 lines per page. Less number of lines per page will be less impressive.
  9. Overwriting: avoid overwriting or striking of part-B answers. In case you have a doubt, first use pencil. Later you can write the answer inink.
  10. Write Page Number at the left side top corner of each page almost at the edge for arranging them without much trouble.
  11. Letter writing and other writing discourses must be started on a new page only.
  12. Do not draw any religious symbols on the answer paper.
  13. Don’t use color pens and marker pens in the examination. Use a only blue colour ball point pen. No need to start the exam with new pen. Don’t carry red/green or any other colour pens/sketch pens etc. Before writing any answer first write the question number.
  14. Students must check the question numbers before submitting the answer scripts.
  15. Diagram presentation:
  16. A) It’s better to draw diagrams on a fresh page with neat labeling directed towards right side. B) Draw the diagram in horizontal or vertical way as it’s given in the text book.
  17. C) Don’t draw diagram on the first page
  18. Arrange the Additional Sheets in a sequential order and tag them properly.

The order is Main

  1. Answer Book, Additional Sheets, Graph/Map and Part-B.
  2. Things to be taken to exam center. a) Hall ticket (original and one photocopy) b) Writing pad c) Three blue ball point pens (preferably of the same brand) d) Two sharpened HB pencils ( don’t use extra dark or pen type/click type pencil e) One long scale f) Geometry box B) Water Bottle h) Handkerchief i) Wristwatch 1) Face mask
  3. Important Note: Avoid giving shake hand.
  4. Keep 10 feet distance from everyone.
  5. If anyone coughs or sneezes move away from such persons.
  6. Cover your mouth with handkerchief when you cough.
  7. Avoid touching public places.
  8. Be safe from corona virus In the X Class Public Examination Centres they are going to place CC Cameras inside the examination rooms & the students will be monitored during the exam.
  9. So, instruct our students not to chat with any other students while the exam is going on.
  10. Also instruct the students not to carry any slips / any related printed material to the Examination Centre, Inform the “Instructions to Candidate” to all the X Class Students which was present in the Back page of the Hall Ticket & Sample OMR Sheet without fail.