Gulzar Houz : The historical fountain of Hyderabad

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Gulzar Houz or Gulzar House
It is located near charminar.
Gulzar house is in middle of the road from Charminar to Madina building.

Gulzar house is a historical fountain located in hyderabad old city near Charminar.
Gulzar houz is in between the four Kamaans or arches of Charminar known as Charkamaan namely Charminar Kaman, Machli Kaman, Kali Kaman and Sher-e-Batil-Ki-Kaman.

Gulzar House previously called as Char-Su-Ka-Hauz and later Suka Hauz and now Gulzar Houz.

Gulzar house served Nizam’s soldier thirst at tha time.

Gulzar house is more than 400 year old.
According to explore telangana,
Gulzar houz was constructed by Mir Momin Astarabadi the first Prime Minister during the rule of Mohammad Quli Qutb Shah.
Now a days the fountain Gulzar houz is not working on regular basis.
Everyone of us passes through this historical fountain but no one witness its history.
People visit Charminar and Makkah Masjid but rarely someone knows about this historical fountain.

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