Gyanam Junior College, Shah Ali Banda

Gyanam Junior College

Gyanam Junior College is an intermediate College in Shah Ali Banda, Hyderabad.

Gyanam Junior College Shah Ali Banda hyderabad

Gyanam Academy is found with the aim of enhancing the level of knowledge and wisdom in the society by means of education.

Holding true to its meaning, Gyanam imparts knowledge in the most effective way.

Gyanam not only provides education required to reach to highest level in any career but also makes students responsible citizens and better human beings.


Junior Colleges in Hyderabad

Courses offered by Gyanam Junior College

  • MPC
  • BiPC
  • HEC
  • MEC
  • CEC

Other than the above courses Gyanam teach its students Life Skills also and other workshops

For more details Visit Gyanam Junior College website or Contact them.

Gyanam College Address and Contact No

Opp. Shah Ghouse Cafe,
Shah Ali Banda Road,
Syed Ali Chabutra
Hyderabad , 500065


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