How do I Study One Day Before Exam?

This is a big question for the students appearing for board exams.

Here also we can classify students into 3 types

  1. Above Average Students
  2. Average Students and
  3. Below Average Students

1.If you are an above average student i.e., you work hard through out the academic year, your foundation was good and now you have just a day to go for your board exam.

First you have to calm down. You may think you have to cover many topics before exam. A load of syllabus will be there. But wait a minute just calm down and just revise the known topics. Yes first be perfect in those topics you already know and if some important topics left behind then don’t panic just go through those topics. If they seem very difficult, calm down and don’t worry. Because if you panic this time you will be losing your focus from the preparation.

So for the above average students they just have to revise the topics.

2. If you are an average Student then same goes with you also like above average student. Remember if you panic due to exam fear you can’t study anything and you will loose your day.

3. If you are a below average student and suppose you don’t know anything then also don’t panic. You have 24 hours ie., you have 1440 minutes. So focus on important questions. Go for the long answers first and that too important. Many students who don’t know anything they will try to learn each and every thing. But wait, this is not possible in a day to go through each and every topic. So please utilise your time wisely and go through the important questions. And prepare for the exams well.

At last we need Allah’s help in each step.

So all the above 3 categories they should offer 5 time prayers daily and they should offer Tahajjud the midnight prayer and ask Allah Subhanahu Ta’ala for His help during exam’s preparation and during exams also.

We should also offer 2 Rakat Salatul Hajat daily and do Dua after it.

Best of luck for your Exams