How to Apply for Birth Certificate in Hyderabad

How to Apply for Birth Certificate in Hyderabad

Documents Required for Birth Certificate

  1. Birth Certificate Form
  2. Discharge Summary
  3. Father’s Aadhar Card
  4. Mother’s Aadhar Card

We all know that Birth Certificate is one of the important documents and it is one of the important identity proof of any person.

So here we Bajrai Online Solutions are now dicussing the step by step process of Birth Certificate application.

First of All, you have to take the discharge summary given by the hospital where the baby born. In that discharge summary Mother Name and Father Name will be written with the date of delivery i.e., date of birth of baby.

The other documents are the Aadhar Cards of the mother and father of the newly born baby.

The Other important thing is the Birth Certificate form which will be available in GHMC office only.

In Birth Certicate Form you have to fill Child name, His/ Her Mother and Father name, Date of Birth, Place of Birth with your house number.


  1. Be Careful while writing spellings in Birth Certificate form.
  2. Check your spellings in Discharge Summary also.
  3. There will be a Que also its better to go early morning.

After submission your baby’s birth certificate will be online in 10 to 15 days.

The cost of Birth certificate application is only Rs. 20/-

Note: You can bring ladies to avoid que because normally ladies counter won’t have any line.

here is the complete information in Urdu/Hindi

How to Apply for Birth Certificate in urdu

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