How to do Makeup Step by Step Guide For Beginners

How to Do Makeup Step by Step Guide For Beginners

Hello everyone, here we are helping the beginners with step by step guide to do a makeup.

Makeup step by step guide

Table of Content

1. Apply Primer

2. Apply Foundation

3. Apply Concealer

4. Eye Makeup


6. Apply Blush

7. Apply Contouring

8. Apply Highlighter

First of all, let me tell you that, doing makeup is not a rocket science. It is a very easy process. Hope you will find it easy and understandable.
Before you start makeup, make sure that you wash your face and the moisturise your face thoroughly.
Now here is the step by step guide of makeup for beginners

  1. Apply Primer:

    After moisturising, first of all Apply Primer. Primer will act as shield between your skin and makeup. It also help makeup last long.

  2. Apply Foundation

    After the application of Primer, here comes the Foundation. Foundation is used to give uniform colour to the complexion. It is also used to cover up pimples, scars, or dark spots.

  3. Apply Concealer

    After Application of Foundation, here comes concealer. Concealer is used to hide the dark circles and it applied under the eyes.

  4. Eye Makeup

    Eye Makeup has many steps like Eye ShadeEye Liner, Kajal, Eyebrows.

  5. Lipstick

    Lipstick gives colour and texture to your lips.

  6. Apply Blush

    Blush is ued to give glow to your skin and it makes you look younger.

  7. Contouring

    Contouring is use to give shape to your face.

  8. Highlighter

    Applying Highlighter is the best part of makeup. It is a light reflecting product. It gives skin a brighter glow and make cheek bones look more easily.

I think this step by step makeup guide for beginners help you to understand the steps of makeup and the importance of different things while doing makeup.
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Written by Makeup Lover.

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