How to Pay Hyderabad’s Electricity Bill Using PhonePe, Google Pay, Amazon Shopping Apps

Wondering how to pay Telangana Electricity Bill Online using one of these UPI payments methods.

Here are the 4 steps to pay your electricity Bill easily.

In this lockdown I have to pay someone’s electricity bill. They asked me to pay the bill. But till now I didn’t pay the electricity bill online. I have Google Pay, Phonepe and Amazon Shopping Apps installed in my mobile. And they are used just for sending or receiving amount or for paying Act Fibernet bill or recharging Mobile.

I try to Pay the Electricity bill using Google Pay, Amazon Shopping but both of them didn’t have the option of Paying Hyderabad’s Electricity bill. Normally in hyderabad the electricity bill company is named as TSSPDCL Southern Power Distribution company of Telangana.

As of now, only PhonePe is having the option to pay Hyderabad’s Electricity bill among the three (ie., Google Pay, Amazon Shopping and PhonePe) as per my knowledge.

Now you just have to download Phonepe.

After installing and linking your bank account

Step 1: Just Click on Electricity.

Step 2: Select Southern Power Distribution company of Telangana

Step 3: Write the USC No i.e., Unique Service Number of Your Electricity Bill

Step 4: Pay your Hyderabad’s Electricity Bill after verifying your door no. and name of the owner.

Note: USC No. is the unique Service number that will be written just above your name in the Electricity Bill you get. Look Here

USC No. Image Credits TSSPDCL

Hope This article will help you to pay your electricity bill from home only. Stay Home Stay Safe.