Begging is a bad remark on a community, locality, city and on the country.

Look around our beautiful city Hyderabad, you will find so many beggars begging on the signals, in front of the hotels, Mosques, Temples, medical halls etc.

As a Human being, it is Our responsibility to free our locality, city and country from the beggars.

It is easy to say but to implement it we have to work hard.

Here we will look at some steps which we should take to make our locality, city and country a beggar free city.

There are many NGOs present in our City Hyderabad and in our country.

Youth Stand up for the End Of Begging

If Youth from each and every locality work to end Begging then we can achieve our goal to make our locality, our city and our country beggar free.

In Search of Beggers

A group of youth with Elder and Experience person keep eye on each and every person who is begging and reach them out and ask them why they are begging and try to solve their problem.

Beggar Who Can Work and Earn

If any one of them can work and earn then provide them the work to do, so that they can earn by working.

Situations Where Begging Is Allowed And Where It Is Not Allowed

It is in Hadith,

A man of the Ansar came to the Prophet (?) and begged from him.

He (the Prophet) asked: “Do you have nothing in your house?” He replied: Yes, a piece of cloth, a part of which we wear and a part of which we spread (on the ground), and a wooden bowl from which we drink water.

He (peace be upon him) said: “Bring them to me.

He then brought these articles to him and he (the Prophet) took them in his hands and asked: Who will buy these?

A man said: I shall buy them for one dirham.

He said twice or thrice: Who will offer more than one dirham?

A man said: I shall buy them for two dirhams.

He gave these to him and took the two dirhams and, giving them to the Ansari, he said:

“Buy food with one of them and hand it to your family, and buy an axe and bring it to me. He then brought it to him.

The Messenger of Allah (?) fixed a handle on it with his own hands and said: “Go, gather firewood and sell it, and do not let me see you for a fortnight.”

The man went away and gathered firewood and sold it.

When he had earned ten dirhams, he came to him and bought a garment with some of them and food with the others.

The Messenger of Allah (?) then said:

This is better for you than that begging should come as a spot on your face on the Day of Judgment.

Begging is right only for three people:

  • one who is in grinding poverty,
  • one who is seriously in debt, or
  • one who is responsible for compensation and finds it difficult to pay.

(Sunan Abu Dawood: 1641)

Beggar Who Can’t Earn

If someone is so needy and cannot earn then, the group of youth by themselves make arrangement for them by themselves or by contacting any of the NGOs in the city. And make sure that they won’t beg for their needs.

Professional Beggars

Some of the beggars or I should say many of them are professionals, they make begging a profession to earn, they are the one because of them Needy are not getting Help.

then we should be strict on them and avoid giving them money and utensils and make them work hard for earning Halal money.

By doing this we can make our city a healthy city and the needy person can live a peaceful life, but we have to work hard as a society for the revolution to take place.

Written by Abu Amina

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