How to Write The Exam in Best Way?

After a long academic year at last you are in the Exam Hall.
You prepared for the exams day in, day out. Now you are in your Exam Centre with Question paper and Answer Sheet in your hand.
Now, how to attempt the question paper in best possible way???
How to Write Exam so that you can earn maximum marks for your attempted questions?

It is very important to present your answers in a best possible way.
It is a basic tendency of Human being to form a image of a person in first few interactions, thats why it is a saying that
First Impression is the Best Impression
So you have to start your paper in best possible way, with the answer you know best.
Now here we Bajrai Online Solutions come up with some ways how to write Exam in best possible way.

  1. Reading Question Paper: The first and foremost thing is to Read the Question Paper. Yes reading question paper carefully is very much important. Read the question paper thoroughly twice or thrice, and tick out the questions which you know.
  2. Understanding Question: While reading the question paper, understand the questions because it is a saying “Understanding Question is the Half Answer”. Sometimes you think the question is easy by just seeing it, but when you try to understand it or start writing it, It will become difficult for you. So Understand the questions well.
  3. Start with Best: As we said earlier your first impression is very much important. So start with those answers which you can write best and without mistakes (or least mistakes). The hierarchy will go on. Your first impressions are too much of importance.
  4. Start With Long Answers: Normally in the exam pattern, the Very Short Answers Questions (VSAQs) will be tricky and concept based. If you are very much clear in concepts then VSAQs will be easy but it will consume your time and Time management is important in the exams. So its better to start with Long Answers because they will give you more marks and normally Long Answers are least tricky in question paper.
  5. Time Management: Time Management is utmost important while writing your exam. You have to complete the set of questions in the given time period. So you have to manage your time, give appropriate time to each answer. Some questions consume your time try to attempt them in last. Managing time in exams will come by practice only. In the academic year the practice exams ( quarterly, half yearly and pre finals) you have to practice to manage your time. By this you can manage time in your final exam.

Hope these points will help you in writing your board exam in best possible way. Do share your valuable comments on it.
Best Of Luck for Your Exams