Language is a method of communication either spoken or written, it consist of words making them a proper sentence.

Language plays an important role in any community. By knowing particular language we learn the culture of the nation or community speaking it.

Now we will come to our topic

There shouldn’t be any question regarding importance of Arabic Language becuase

Arabic is

  • The Language Of Quran
  • The Language of The Messenger of Allah,
  • The Language of Islam,
  • The Language of The People of Paradise and
  • The Symbol of Islam

Yes, Arabic Language is The Symbol of Islam.

Many of the Pious predecessors (among them Imam Shafa’ii and Shaikhul Islam Ibne Taimia rahimahumullah ) said that

Learning of Arabic Language is Mandatory.

Imam Shafa’ii Rahimahullah said

The Language which Allah Subhanahu Ta’ala selected for his Holy Book Quran is the Language of Arabs ie Arabic Language, and He make it the Language of His Last Messenger Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him, and that’s why we say : every one who can learn the Arabic Language, he should learn it.

Ibne Taimia Rahimahumullah said

Indeed the Arabic Language is Part of Religion, and knowing it is Mandatory because Understanding Quran and Sunnah is Mandatory and a person cannot understand Quran and Sunnah but by understanding the Arabic Language

Iqtizaau Siratil Mustaqeem 1/469

Ibne Taimia Rahimahumullah said

And regarding this ie learning of Arabic language and Shariah ordered Omar Bin Al Khattab Razi Allahu anhu…,because in the Religion there are Sayings and Practicals, so to Understand Aqwaal ie Sayings the route is understanding the Arabic Language.

So it is Mandatory on every Muslim who can learn Arabic Language to Learn it and Understand the Quran and Sunnah.

Look we learn different languages for earning like English, French etc. Can’t we learn Arabic Language to understand The Holy Quran- The Book of Allah