As it is a matter of fact that there is greatest importance of English Language. Because, it is globally spoken language which helps connect many people belonging from all walks of life.

It is used widely in many fields like medical, engineering and various other fields to understand and communicate most effectively with each other.It is also used for getting various kinds of jobs at an international level.
Without perfect English and Skills degrees have no value. It is the official language of 53 countries.Learning English language helps to break the language barriers.Most importantly it is also the language of Internet.Learning English Language perfectly opens the gates for BETTER CAREER.It is out of few people one can speak English.Not only we get jobs but also there would be greatest respect in the society for English Speakers.

It doesn’t matter that whether you are an employee or employer it benefits everyone. Defective English and Skills would not be fruitful even though if we have best qualifications.Searching for any kind of requirement on Google can be waste if we are not sound enough at English.Since English language has wide range of benefits in several fields it is taught at Schools and Colleges.

Written by Siraj Sir -Career Spoken English & Skills Development