Independence Day Celebrations

Independence day is celebrated annually on 15th August. It is red letter day for Indian Inhabitants. Independence day marked the end of British Rule in 1947 and the Establishment of a free and independent Indian nation.

On the eve of Independence day the Prime Minister of India Unfurls National three coloured flag at the historical Red Fort, National Anthems are played by people.

In honour of this occasion 21 gunshots are fired and later this event follows by an army parade. Them PM addresses the nation, delivers a speech. In his speech he highlights the past years achievements and calls for further development.

In every school, offices, streets and in numerous places people celebrate this day with great pomp and show. In every corner of India people celebrate this day with great ardour. Each and every person pays tribute to our lion hearted or brave freedom fighters.

People organise small or big events and disguised themselves in freedom fighters and play their role.

Every Indian holds different viewpoints about Indian Independence, for some people it is the remainder of long struggle and sacrifices while for others it stands for glory and honour of the country above all we can see the feelings of patriotism across the country.

It is not only the celebration of Independence day but also the Unity in diversity of the country.

Freedom Fighters

Freedom Fighters were those legends who made back breaking efforts to make our country Independent from British rule, who worked day in and day out to free Indians from the shackles of slavery.

Indians were awarded of their basic rights by these leaders. They fought selflessly for our nation. They endure as much pain as they could, they borne everything for the sake of Independence.

Some of the freedom fighters were hanged while some were prisoned by British rulers. Many freedom fighters not get their share of credit. Muslim Freedom Fighters are given cold shoulder in History books and in Syllabus.

Each and every freedom fighter should get equal regard because they all gave their best to get rid of oppressors

Written by Sana Begum of AIM high School. Currently studying intermediate 2nd year..