K. A. Academy, Barkas

K. A. Academy is Pre Primary to Class 10th School in Barkas, Hyderabad.

K. A Academy inculcate Moderne Education with Islamic Blend.

Key Features of K. A. Academy

  • Modern Education in Islamic Environment
  • Well-Trained qualified teachers
  • Nazra-e-Quran with Tajweed to All students
  • 1:15 teacher – student ratio
  • Complete Islamic Environment,
  • MFERD Integrated Syllabus,
  • Computer Education,
  • CCTV surveillance,
  • Basic Islamic Education to All,
  • Good Infrastructure
  • HIFZ-E-QURAN for Dedicated students
  • Alim Course optional

K. A. Academy runs under the supervision of Highly qualified Islamic Scholars.

K. A. Academy address and Contact no

Above Masjid-e-Muhammadiya Bin Hajab,
Hyderabad , Telangana

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