Welcome to Bajrai Online Solutions, today we are discussing Keyboard Shortcuts part 3.

In this Keyboard Shortcuts part 3 we will be discussing some shortcuts related to Windows key present in our keyboard with a window sign and Start text written on it.

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  1. Open or Close Start Menu: To Open or Close the Start menu, we just have to press Windows Key. If the Start menu is open then it will close and if it is not open then it will be opened.
  2. Display Desktop: To display the desktop you have to press Windows Key  + D.
  3. Minimize All Windows Key: To minimize all the Windows which are opened you have to just click Windows Key + M. All the Windows will be minimized.
  4. Restoring Minimized Windows Key: If you want to restore all the minimized Windows or if you want to maximize all the Windows then you just have to press Windows Key  + Shift + M.
  5. Opening Computer: If you want to open Computer (where all your hard disk partitions are present) without using mouse then you have to press Windows Key + E.
  6. Display System Properties: If you want to display your system properties then just click Windows Key +Pause button.
  7. Lock Computer: If you want to lock your computer or you want to switch the user with just one click you have to press Windows Key + L. Your computer will be locked
  8. Opening Run Dialog Box: It is a common use dialog box and almost everyone use this. For opening Run Dialog Box you have to Press Windows Key + R.
  9. Search: If you want to search in computer you have to press Windows Key + F.
  10. View Programs on Task Bar: If you want to go through the programs present on task bar just press Windows Key + T. You will be seeing all the programs one by one after each click.

These are some of the shortcuts related to Windows Key. There are many more shortcuts present; we will try to discuss them in our other posts.

Give them a try and you will find these shortcuts very interesting and easy to use.

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