Keyboard Shortcuts IV

We Bajrai Online Solutions started a series of Keyboard Shortcuts, as many of the shortcuts you may not know. Sometimes by mistake or by small kids using keyboard we see many unwanted or magical things happen with our computer desktop. Those magical things are nothing but key board shortcuts unintentionally pressed by the kids.

In this part we will discuss some of the important shortcuts related to window explorer.

Opening New Window: To open a new window you have to press Ctrl +  N. This a beautiful shortcut of opening any window in new. If you are working on Chrome and if you want to open new Chrome Window, just press Ctrl + N. If you are on desktop, and then if you press Ctrl + N, the new window of Desktop will be opened. Similarly if you are working on MS Word and if you press Ctrl +  N, new MS Word document will be opened. So this shortcut is quite handy and very useful to the users.

Closing Current Window: Normally to close any window we will click the x mark on the top right hand side of our windows but to close the current window without using a mouse and to close current window with keyboard , the shortcut is Ctrl + W. Whenever you press W by holding the Ctrl button, the current window will be closed, no need to use mouse and close it.

Opening the Properties of a File Or Folder: To open the property dialog box of any folder, to open the property dialog box of any file or folder, normally we use to right click the mouse and then select the properties. It’s quite headache, the key board shortcut to open the property dialog box is very easy and handy just press Alt + Enter. Yes, so easy whenever you press Enter key while holding the Alt button, the properties dialog box of the selected file or folder will be appeared.


These are some of the shortcuts related opening and closing the windows and opening the properties, don’t just read it, give it a try and look the magic and how much time it will save if you use it frequently.

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