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Today Bajrai Online Solutions are blogging about Khilwat: one of the Historical Places in Hyderabad

Khilwat is a historical area of Hyderabad. Khilwat is in the midst of the Old City.

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Khilwat is in the vicinity of Chowmahalla Palace. The historical Charminar is walking distance from Khilwat.

Lad Bazaar is also beside Khilwat only, rather we can say it is in Khilwat surroundings only.

Khilwat area has many pre historic buildings that show the luxurious life style of that era.

Khilwat is now a days the heart of Old City, rather Heart of Hyderabad because of Charminar, Chowmahalla palace, Makka Masjid, Clock Tower, Chowk, Pathergatti etc are in its surroundings only.

Khilwat Clock Tower is also a famous historical Clock tower in Khilwat.

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Now a days famous showrooms like Zooni Centre,  Kayenaat and Karishma Wedding Mall etc are there and more are opening.

Rumaan Restaurant is also in Khilwat only and there are many more hotels for having meals and Hyderabadi Chai.

Atlast, Khilwat is a tourist place, daily many tourists visit there to see Chowmahlla palace, LadBazaar, Charminar  etc.