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Today Bajrai Online Solutions is listing Limra Hotel, Erra Kunta

Limra Hotel is located in Erra Kunta X road, near M J Function Hall.

Limra Hotel serves all the hotel Items especially Dum Ki Biryani, Indian-Mughlai Dishes, Chinese dishes, fast food, Kabab and Bakery items.

Limra Hotel also serves delicious Grill Chicken with Rumali Roti and Tandoor ki Roti.

Limra Hotel Takes All function orders. Limra hotel has parcel as well as dine inn facilities.

As per Limra Hotel pamphlet

Mutton Handi Beef

30 members @ Rs. 2400/-

50 members @ Rs. 4000/-

100 members @ Rs. 7500/-

Chicken Handi ( Big Piece)

30 members @ Rs. 3000/-

50 members @ Rs. 5000/-

100 members @ Rs. 9500/-

Bagar Khana, Dalcha

50 members @ Rs. 1200/-

100 members @ Rs. 2000/-

Bagara Khana, Dalcha and Khorma

50 members @ Rs. 2000/-

100 members @ Rs. 3800/-

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