Madrasa Musab Bin Umair, Malakpet, Hyderabad

Madrasa Musab Bin Umair, Malakpet, Hyderabad

Madrasa Musab Bin Umair is located in Old Malakpet.

Founder and Incharge of Madrasa Musab Bin Umair: Hafiz o Moulvi Ansar Ali Ishtiyaq

Madrasa Musab Bin Umair runs under the guardianship of Hafiz Nazeer Ahmed Sahab.

Madrasa Musab bin Umair was started on 23 march 2015 with the Aim to teach Holy Quran with Tajweed to each and everyone regardless of age in the vicinity.

During the initial period of Madrasa Musab Bin Umair, some elder people learnt Noorani Qaida and Recited Nazira Quran and some of the students were taught after Maghrib till Isha.
With the passage of time, the strength of Madrasa students increased and by the end of first academic year there were 40 students in the Annual Day function of Madrasa.

In the beginning, there was only 1 Teacher but as the strength increased the necessity of Teachers increased.
Thereby the number of teachers were increased. Teacher and student ration as 1: 15 was maintained. So that teacher can focus on each and every student.
After the hard work of 3 years last year 7 students completed their Nazira Quran and this year Alhamdulillah 8 Students completed Nazira Quran.
The first 2 Annual functions were held in Masjid itself.
In the annual functions the students of madrasa delivered speeches with their academic performances.

The mothers and other women also wanted to see their ward’s performances on the stage, that’s why the third annual function was held in other place.
In the annual functions renowned Islamic Scholars has been invited like Maulana Abdul Qavi sahab, Maulana Arshad Qasmi sahab and Maulana Qari Muhammad Ali khan sahab.
They saw the performances of students and encouraged the students, teachers and the Rector on their hard work.

One of the major initiatives taken last year by Madrasa Musab Bin Umair is Deeni Picnic.
In Deeni Picnic program students are taken to a masjid in the city where they have been educated on different topics like Life of Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam, rights of parents etc. And spend some time playing also.
In the first Deeni Picnic there were 17 students and 5 teachers whereas in second Deeni picnic there were 27 students and 6 Teachers.

In the future plans of Madrasa Musab Bin Umair is to convert the part time madrasa to full time Madrasa so that the students should able to learn Holy Quran in their area only.

For Details contact
Hafiz o Maulvi Ansar Ali Ishtiyaq (MBA, MA)


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