Mechanics course for NEET and EAMCET student

Mechanics in 90 Days

Mujahed sir is an excellent physics faculty, who targets on students shortcomings. Help them to develop solid foundation of the fundamentals, enhancing their thinking reasoning and problem solving abilities.

Master the concept of mechanics of NEET syllabus.

Complete syllabus of mechanics for physics class 11th CBSE and State board.

This course not only improves the subject knowledge but also helps to attain expertise over speed, accuracy & concepts for all round achievement in NEET physics.


  1. Basic math’s
  2. Vectors
  3. Kinematics
    1. Motion in 1-D
    2. Projectile motion
    3. Relative motion
  4. Newton’s law of motion
  5. Circular motion
  6. Work power and energy
  7. Center of mass
  8. Rotational motion

Course Fee: Rs. 3000/- only

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