Mode of Transport in Hyderabad

As we are living in a society for many reasons we go from one place to another place. This movement of Humans, animals and goods from one place to another place is known as Transportation.

In this article Bajrai Online Solutions will discuss about the different modes of transports used by Hyderabadi People other than their own bikes, cars etc.So here is the list of Public Transport in Hyderabad.

According to Wikipedia

“Mode of transport is a term used to distinguish between different ways of transportation or transporting people or goods. The different modes of transport are air, water, and land transport, which include Rails or railways, road and off-road transport.”

1. Rail or Train: Train or Rail is the first and foremost transport in Hyderabad. Whether you are traveling from Hyderabad to Secunderabad or From Hyderabad to Other Districts or States. Train is the fastest and cheapest way of travelling in Hyderabad.

In trains other than normal trains, Hyderabad has two more important rail services one of them is MMTS. MMTS stands for Multi-Modal Transport System. MMTS is a train which runs in between  Hyderabad and Secunderabad. These trains are normally very fast and comes very often.

The Other one is METRO, It is the second longest Metro Train Network in India after The Delhi Metro. Hyderabad’s Metro is a rapid transit system across the Hyderbad city.

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2. Buses: Buses are one of the main mode of Transports for students, employees and Other people who travel across the Hyderabad. TSRTC controlled all the Buses. Almost each and every place of Hyderabad city these buses go.

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3. Auto-Rickshaw : The another important Mode of Transport is Auto-Rickshaw simply auto. Almost all the public prefer autos for travelling with their families to functions or to relatives etc. Normally Autos have meters but they are not willing to follow the meter instead they will ask the passenger to give some amount which will be more than the meter charges, at that time you have to bargain them on that price.

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4. Cabs: Now a days OLA, Uber etc are leading the market. In starting when OLA introduces its cabs, the Taxi rate was lower than the Auto rates, that too the taxi was coming to home and picking the passenger. This event makes OLA to grow in Hyderabad. Then UBER also join OLA and now a days there are many of the cabs services running in Hyderabad some of them are Quick Rides, PRYDO,WAKUK etc

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5. Bike Taxi: After the success of Cabs, The Bike Taxi is introduced and many passengers are travelling on bikes instead of cars because the car charge will be more than the bike and if I am a single passenger, it is better to me to travel on Bike instead of Car. That will be cheaper to me and Bike will be fast in traffics also. So many bike services started in Hyderabad like RAPIDO, and UBER , OLA are also providing Bikes as well as AUTOs.

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6. Office Buses: Another service which is Bus like service has been started in Hyderabad. In this service, the passengers of same office or same destination are taken from different places and drop at their offices. For example Madhapur or Hi Tech city is MNCs area in Hyderabad, many people across the Hyderabad works there. So in this they will pick them from their homes and drop them at their respective offices at a cheaper price compare to own transport. In this one service is of SHUTTL.

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7. Sharing Autos: The last but not the least is the Sharing Autos. Sharing Autos is one of the major modes of Transport in Hyderabad. These Autos have there stops, they will stand at their stops and fill their autos with the passengers, these autos are normally overloaded. For example you are at Charminar and you have to go to Shaheen Nagar. Then you can travel by these Sharing Autos because they have their stop at Charminar. OLA, UBER also started Sharing Cab services by picking the passengers in the same route.

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Hope this article gives a clear picture regarding the modes of transport in Hyderabad. Do post your valuable comments and if something is missing do tell us in your comments.